Onyx Coffee Lab - hailing from Rodgers, Arkansas and coming in with not only the incredibly nice box design but two equally lovely coffees. Southern Weather - their seasonal espresso is a brilliant name and speaks to the thoughtfulness of the experience.
Go Get’em Tiger
#gget Minor Moments from the cafe at The Row in DTLA
Blue Bottle’s Fall Poetry Collection The famed roaster and cafe brand not only maintains their own high standard but continues to innovate coffee.
Mint Chip (Non Dairy) Affogatto made with Oatly and Gilly’s Espresso.
I took these photos on my first trip to Kenya in 2016. I had been in Nairobi for about 6 days then and was going to be leaving soon. My airbnb host connected me with a driver and we headed out towards the Nyiri region in search of a coffee farm. After a few stops and failed attempts, we found this beautiful micro-lot cultivated by a young women. It was a great day.
Florin Coffee from Columbus, Ohio. A sweet blend, beans from Oaxaca 🇲🇽 and Ethiopia 🇪🇹, plus a rich single origin, also from Oaxaca.
Coffee from Peru 🇵🇪 - freshly roasted at Rosetta in Cape Town 🇿🇦. Plus a beautiful and tasty cortado.
🇷🇼 Rwanda - Kinini Village tasting notes: 🥥 & 🌴 Rwandan coffee has become consistently exceptional. It’s a place that’s been on my mind for a long time. What a wonder it would be to make it there.
Home setup - Cape Town Feb’21
Wishing y’all lots of delicious coffees, a year of good health and blistering growth.
From Rwanda 🇷🇼 with ♥️
Stamp Act - a seasonal espresso and single origin for filter brewing.
espresso weighing in at 18.5g
Cento Coffee, S.F.C.A
Dreaming of Cafes May 10, 2020
Spring Blend | Blue Bottle Coffee The luminal space Between each season - A time of letting go and beginning again. 5.11.2019, Los Angeles, CA
Counter Culture Coffee 3.19.19
Skyline Espresso Camber Coffee 5.1.2019